One of my life-long interests has been SCUBA diving. Early in the 21st century I began my journey to the "dark-side" known as DIR. DIR is an acronym for "Doing it Right", which I suppose would imply if you are not DIR, then you are Doing-It-Wrong. Eventually I adopted a more "Hogarthian" than DIR approach, especially due to meeting my needs by fabricating gear. The end result was a plastic tub of the results of my experiments.

Two of the more successful items are a buckle (3 versions, named after my maternal grandmother), and what I called a LightSaver ™. If you click on this link you can read about the buckles. Please note the page is the old-site-format so be prepared for a change in appearance. If you click on this link you can read about the LightSaver.

The buckles have been used by divers all over the world (literally) and if you care to you can read the testimonials . Sadly, brilliant an idea as they might have been, they were not as popular as iPods, or iPads. There is a Green Manelish (buckles) FaceBookPage but it does not tell you anything more than you already know from reading this page.

The LS was more controversial than the buckles; comments ranged from "What a stupid concept ...", to "What a brilliant idea ...". One person who thought it had merit is Joel Silverstein who suggested I paint them black in order to be more "DIR"; so I made one and painted it black. I noticed in 2010 that Tobin George at DeepSeaSupply is manufacturing an item he calls a Canister Light Simulator. His are much nicer than the ones I made using hose clamps, nylon webbing and PVC.

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