“I have used a lot of clips, buckles and other type of technical equipment for many years. This is the first piece of equipment that combined two different items normal attached separately. I would recommend it to every technical diver.”

Brian Carney, President, Technical Diving International TDI SDI ERDI

“Your buckles are well made and I have always been a fan of metal buckles, as opposed to plastic, for their durability and functionality. The Bryden buckle worked well for me. I used the ring as a temporary connection while I was entering the water, or moving things around.”

John Chatterton John Chatterton Deep Sea Detectives

“The ROBSON BUCKLE is a must have for all divers. It serves a duel purpose acting as an adjustable degree D-Ring and holding the canister light in place. Its rugged construction makes it almost indestructible even in the hands of a wreck diver. I would highly recommend this product to every one.”

Richard M. Simon, Boston Sea Rovers 2005 Frank Scalli intern and Cambrian Foundation intern.

“You gotta have one of these. It makes more sense than you can imagine.”

Joel Silverstein, VP and COO of Tech Diving Limited

“This simple buckle works like a dream … The design and construction of the buckle is first rate … For anyone who has been considering this item I highly recommend it.”

JimLap Read the full review on SCUBAboard

“I was surprised by the quality of the buckles.”

TheRedHead Read the full review on SCUBAboard

“Another useful tool to have in the gearbox, one that is quickly deployed and increases the flexibility of a backplate harness.”

Large_Diver Read the full review on SCUBAdiving.com

“It's one of the best pieces of gear I've ever bought.”

Donald Ferrara, via FB private message

“The Bryden buckle acts as a right hip D-ring and I can clip things there without them getting in the way.”

*Floater* Read the full review here and here.

“I love it. On the right side of my harness waist band I have my can light and then the buckle to hold it in place. If there is current the Jon line goes in between them. Great little invention/modification you have there.”

Drew Luellen (aka "Hex92") via PM on The DecoStop