Alba [Scotland]

My maternal Grandmother (a Robson) left Scotland when she was a young woman. On my father's side of the family (great+ grandparents) are MacLea, and MacKay. When I was a young boy I had, for not very long, a pen-pal in Scotland. For some reason we never stayed in touch. I had completely forgotten about that until recently when my wife and I were discussing our trips, our blog, and the friends we've made in Scotland.

Beginning with an interest in sampling various whisky , my interest in Scotland's history, culture, and The Gaelic, has become what some would call an obsession. I continue to enjoy great malts, especially when with friend in Scotland, but Scotland is more, much more, than whisky, castles, kilts, bagpipes and haggis.

If you are interested, visit My Alba Blog to read about the trips, and other Scottish interests. When I am able, the blog will be moved to my personal site and reactivated. It's also possible that I might leave blogpsot intact and begin a new blog where I will wax more or less poetic, and probably incomprehensibly, on a variety of subjects.

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