I am a Christian; i.e. Jesus Christ is my Lord, and Savior. That does not mean I am perfect; I am far from it. That does not mean I have been blessed with lots of money, stuff and no difficulty; I don't have lots of money, I have less stuff now than I did a few years ago, and like many folks I find life to be "challenging". Christian friends have suggested they believe the difficulty I am being allowed to endure is preparing me for some sort of ministry.

I enjoy an occasional dram of uisge beatha, and I like heavy beer and stout (especially Scottish beer and stout). I also like the taste of cullen skink, and sticky toffee pudding. I like to listen to rock music, especially metal, and blues. I also enjoy celtic, classical and Scottish folk. I read many books other than The Bible, but I make an effort to read the verses referenced (and then some) as I read a daily "devotional" from The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers. I also take notes and should be more disciplined to blog those insights rather than simply writing them down on a list of insights to blog.

In short, I am simply a man, trusting in Christ, trying to love, honor and obey God, and love my wife, friends and dog as He would have me to do. I falter, stumble and occasionally fall leading me to wonder "What's the use? I'll never be good enough." and I feel like giving up. But I don't give up; I am incapable of being good enough, nor am I expected to be. I am expected to be faithful, trust Christ, love God. I am not eager to die, but I do look forward to the day He calls me home.

For those who are interested, This sub-domain contains updated versions of the "faith related" pages from the original GM website. Perhaps someday I will fold the old in with the new, perhaps not.

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